On 16th January 2016 Viv Shears and Simon Scott from VS Fisheries arrived at Tees Valley Lakes with delivery of 120 specimen carp for our two new lakes Alpha and Eagle. These carp had been on order for 3 years so not having the option of delaying delivery any longer we decided to put all stock into Eagle and leave them undisturbed.

Now I will apologise in advance to our regulars on Yarm for not divulging about the size of carp in Eagle when asked but I am sure you now understand my reason not to boast about the fish until now, we stocked an impressive 20 x 20lb+. 50x 14-16lb and 50x 7-10lb Mirror and Common carp. I know from history that carp reared on fish farms stocked into fisheries can struggle to adapt to a new lifestyle in the first year and actually lose weight with the stress of beginning a new life so leaving these carp alone and feeding 2.5 ton over the last 10 months we believe will have hugely benefited these fish. What weights are they now? In October I fished a short 2 hour session and caught 2 carp both heavier than when stocked with the biggest being 2lb up in weight so already a good sign of what’s to come.

As these lakes are both specimen waters we aim to attract likeminded carp anglers to enjoy fishing them. With this in mind an initial membership is required to join before day tickets can be purchased. All funds raised from membership will be reinvested into the lakes with the purchase of additional larger size carp so everyone joining our membership will be helping these lakes grow to become venues we should all be proud of. A huge amount of hard work has gone into these lakes and we believe we are at the beginning of creating something special in the North East. So who wants to be part of it?