I often get asked why we insist anglers on our coarse lake use feed pellets supplied by ourselves, the insisted use of Fishery only feed pellets is nothing new on commercial venues and is becoming more widespread across fisheries in the UK and there are several reasons for this but ultimately the main reason is fish welfare.

SA Carp Fisheries supply Coarse Fish Pellets that have a balanced dietary profile to form a complete nutritional healthy fish feed pellet, Our fish are fed these pellets from a young age and are in fact the same pellet used by the fish farm to rear and grow our fish on so they have become a natural food source for our stock, there are a lot of pellets on the market easily available from the better types in tackle shops to the lower quality in some supermarkets offering budget alternatives, Although these are not all the same quality the majority rely on a high oil content used for fish attraction which can actually cause digestive problems in coarse fish to even death in extreme circumstances as some coarse fish struggle to digest the high oil content, excessive use of these pellets on lakes and ponds can also cause water quality issues, Our feed pellets have a relatively low oil content making them ideal for all year round use and have a slow breakdown time compared to some other pellets meaning they are not only great for loose feed but also as hooker pellets when fished on bait bands.

Scientific studies carried out on the raw ingredients used in the manufacture process of our pellet optimise the right balance of protein, amino acids, fats and carbohydrate to provide the appropriate digestible protein to support muscle growth but minimise the amount of protein burned to provide energy therefor keeping fish waste lower and as protein is the most expensive ingredient in any pellet this also helps keep our pellet cost lower, All Feed pellets carry an average life span of one year from manufacture when stored in the correct conditions, after this or if incorrectly stored the pellet structure changes harbouring harmful bacteria making the pellet toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

As a fishery owner I have a concern for the welfare of our fish stocks and cannot be confident of the ingredients, condition, age or storage conditions of any pellets not purchased from our fishery where as with all pellets we supply on site you can be certain we will always supply affordable quality fresh feed pellets with a long shelf life date that are not only good for our fish but can help increase anglers catch rates.

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