2.5 acre purpose built specimen carp lake with a range of
features and depths including an Island, bars and gullies.

Carp stocks have been sourced from the finest English bred carp in this country
from pure bloodlines of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl and Harrow strains, these carp have characteristics
that make them unique with good body length, shape and attractive to the eye with varying scale patterns,
most importantly these carp have longevity, strong health are robust with excellent sustainable growth rates.

Membership is required to fish this lake and must be completed before any bookings can be made.
This lake is stocked with specimen carp only and require adequate fishing tackle
in compliance with the rules for this lake.

By allowing members only to fish this lake ensures we attract like minded specimen carp anglers on this venue.


Days Open


Carp stock


We stock the finest quality of strong English carp from Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow carp strains. We continue to invest in our fisheries by adding new fish stocks and breeding home grown carp for a sustainable future within our fisheries.


Protected 24/7 by electric otter proof fencing and electronic automated entrance gates ensure our stock, wildlife and anglers are protected creating an excellent fishing environment allowing you to fish in peace whilst undisturbed in beautiful countryside surroundings.


Set in a small valley within Eaglescliffe, a small town in the borough of Stockton on Tees. located on the north bank of the River Tees across from the picturesque village of Yarm on the A67 between Stockton & Darlington.

Our history

Alpha lake, 2016

Due to the topography of the land and the high soil saturation level construction of this lake began in April 2016 with digging carried out monthly as & when the land dried until the build was completed in November. the carp stock for Alpha had been on order for 3 years previous and actually arrived in January 2016 where they were stocked temporarily into Eagle lake. Here they were left unfished for a season and fed over 2 ton of pellet and boilie until they were graded and moved into Alpha.

This new lake posed challenges being constructed on agrucultural land set within a valley on the side of a steep hill, This however allowed us to design a bespoke lake creating a range of underwater features that both fish and anglers seek. The result being a purpose built speciman carp lake designed with carp anglers in mind by creating varying features in each swim from an island to bars, gullies, plateaus and deeper sections. swims are located on the North and East banks ensuring no anglers fish directly opposite each other.

Initial carp stocks were from the finest strain of English carp being Sutton, Leney, Harrow and Dinkesbuehl carp strains. stocked at a higher average fish weight with the lowest stocked at 15lb 2oz going up to 25lb. Further stocking is planned with even bigger carp arriving in winter 2017 subject to availablity.

Named Alpha as this will be considered the number one big fish water of the complex. stocked at a maximum ratio of 25 carp per acre to allow room for growth we hope for a great future of big carp in this lake with the aim of every carp in this lake to be over 20lb within 5 years. Supplimentary feeding will be carried out to ensure these carp receive the best nutritional needs ensuring they continue to grow reaching their potential weights.

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