• Fishing on this lake by members only. One Non fishing guest permitted. (see ticket prices)
• Landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings provided MUST be used only.
• Barbless hooks only, (No crushed barbs) No bent hooks, Minimum 12lb line, No braided main line.
• All members to carry and use carp clinic or similar, No sacking of fish. (under any circumstances)
• No fixed leads. (running or semi fixed leads only - ensure leads detach easily) NO Leadcore or immitation Leadcore.
• No litter of any description to be left anywhere on the lake including cigarette but ends (take it home - you are responsible).
• Return carp back to the water as soon as possible, ensure all mats, weighing equipment and camera etc. are set up before lifting carp from the water.
• No camping equipment, Carp bivvies’ or brollies only.
• No dogs, guns, fires, swimming, loud music or excessive noise, Alcohol to be consumed in moderation.
• No peanuts, tiger nuts, particles or maggots. (particles include- sweet corn, beans, peas, nuts, seeds and pulses)
(Maggots/particle permitted during November to February only)
• No fish to be removed or introduced to the water.
• Bait boats may be used (please consider all other anglers and remain in the boundary of your swim.).
• Maximum of 3 rods to be used, Rods must not be left unattended at any time (one swim away is acceptable), Minimum 2.75lb test curve, (please ensure you have correct No. of valid EA licences).
• Fish in a gentlemanly manner and do not encroach on areas of water that should rightly be fished from another swim.
• Access is permitted for booked members only, Lake viewings are not permitted at any time unless authorised by management, This is to ensure anglers are not disturbed and the fishery is secure at all times.
• Juniors under 14 years of age must have an adult (18 years+) with them at all times.
• Management reserve the right to withdraw or suspend membership at their discretion, Any member who has their membership withdrawn will be expected to leave the premises immediately, permits are not transferable and no refunds will be given, All decisions made by management are final and not subject to appeal.
• All members fishing at this Lake do so at their own risk, We cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, however caused whilst on the premises, It is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering the fishery.
• These are common sense rules to ensure the safety of our carp and the future of our fishery, please abide by them; anyone breaking the rules faces expulsion from the fishery and membership revoked.

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