Lakes open 1st April 2017
Membership applications to join Tees Valley Lakes are now open and are required to fish Alpha & Eagle,
Ticket bookings for these lakes can be made up to 12 month in advance.
Both lakes are stocked with specimen carp only and require adequate tackle in compliance with the lake rules.
Membership is a one off registration payment of £50.00 which covers both Alpha & Eagle lakes
with 24hr/day tickets purchased per session there after. (see membership/tickets for prices).
By allowing members only to fish these lakes ensures we attract like minded specimen carp anglers.
We aim to invest proceeds from membership in purchasing additional large carp to add to our existing stock.
A huge amount of hard work has gone into these lakes and we believe we are at the beginning of creating something special.
So who wants to be part of it?

Click the link below for online membership application.
Membership application to Tees Valley Lakes